Idaho Department of Finance

Policies and Guidance

Department of Finance

Collection Agency Act

  • Billing Service Company Policy: PDF PDF
  • Debt Buyer Policy: PDF PDF
  • Statements in aid of interpretation of the Debt Buyer Policy: PDF PDF
  • Department Policy Concerning Pre-Judgment Settlement Agreements: PDF PDF
  • Guidance to Collection Agencies Operating in Idaho: PDF PDF
  • FAQ Related to Guidance: PDF PDF

Financial Institutions

  • Policy Statement No. 90-1; Courier Services: PDF PDF
  • Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment: PDF PDF
  • Guidance on Marijuana-Related Businesses: PDF PDF

Idaho Escrow Act

  • Interpretations for § 1031 Qualified Intermediaries Under The Idaho Escrow Act: PDF PDF


Residential Mortgage Practices Act

Title Lending

  • Idaho Licensed Automobile Title Lender: PDF PDF