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Dear Consumer:

You have accessed the Idaho Department of Finance online complaint form. If you have not already attempted to resolve your dispute with the business or person you are complaining against, you are encouraged to do so prior to submitting a complaint.

Please read these instructions thoroughly prior to completing the online complaint form. You will also need to submit copies of supporting documents via facsimile or email, as described at the end of the online complaint form.

By submitting your complaint, you acknowledge and understand that the Idaho Department of Finance does not represent individual consumers in the handling of complaints, and the Department’s consumer response process may not result in a resolution that is satisfactory to you.

The Department investigates complaints that allege business practices that violate laws enforced by the Department. The receipt of this information allows the Department to identify and devote resources to serious cases involving the potential for widespread harm to Idahoans. Information provided by consumers, like you, is indispensable to the Department’s law enforcement efforts.

Unless you specifically request otherwise, your complaint will be provided to the business or person complained against, with a request for a written response.

In addition to filing a complaint with the Department of Finance, you may also want to consider the following options:

1. The Better Business Bureau may be able to assist you in mediating your dispute with a business.
2. You may want to consider filing a claim in small claims court if the amount in controversy is less than $5,000.
3. If the amount in controversy is more than $5,000 you may wish to consult a private attorney. If you do not have an attorney you may contact the Idaho State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at: Idaho State Bar, P.O. Box 895, Boise, Idaho 83701, (208) 334-4500. The Idaho State Bar and Idaho Law Foundation, Inc.’s website can be located at:
4. Depending upon household income and other factors, you may qualify for legal assistance from the Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Association. More information about this program can be found online at:

Your written complaint will become part of the Department’s file concerning the business or person complained against, and will assist the Department in determining whether further action is warranted on behalf of the state of Idaho.

Please be advised that once submitted, your complaint will become a public record that may be inspected by the public if a request is made under Idaho’s public records law. Your time and attention in submitting this information is appreciated.



 To proceed to the online complaint form you must acknowledge that you have read and understand the role of the Department of Finance in processing your complaint.  

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