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Welcome to the Idaho Department of Finance's Kids Section. You'll find fun and educational links for kids, teens and adults in this section.


  • Money Smart for Young People, a resource provided by the FDIC in partnership with the CFPB, is a series of lesson plans for teachers and resources for parents to help them teach children about managing money. The free resources are designed to improve financial education and decision-making skills among young people from pre-K through age 20.
    For teachers: Link
    For parent and caregivers: Link
  • Jump$tart.comExternal Link
  • CreditUnionsRock.comExternal Link - a great site for teens to learn about Credit Unions
  • US Mint's Kids ZoneExternal Link
  • FDIC Learning BankExternal Link
  • Second Life Virtual WorldExternal Link - University of Idaho Extension - Idahonia is the University of Idaho’s presence in the Second Life® universe. Second Life® is a multi-user real-time virtual community that is built and supported by its residents. Please note: After creating an account with Second Life® you will need to create an avatar.
  • Investor.govExternal Link - Classroom Resources: A collection of resources aimed at educating students about investing their money for a sizable return in the stock market
  • U.S. CurrencyExternal Link - Youth Education Resources: A government website equipped with free tools and resources aimed at educating students about U.S. currency
  • Understanding TaxesExternal Link - Teacher Resources: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides a financial literacy program on taxes.
  • Thirteen EdExternal Link - Educator Resources: With Thirteen Ed, public television provides an extensive list of educator resources equipped with lesson plans geared towards financial literacy.
  • Financial LiteracyExternal Link - Teach It!: A compendium of financial literacy lesson plans from the Wisconsin Education Communications Board that direct educators to the core material aimed at helping them teach each standard
  • Treasury DirectExternal Link - Money Math and Lessons for Life: A four-lesson supplement to a full blown financial literacy curriculum program.
  • Junior AchievementExternal Link - Money Management Modules: Junior Achievement empowers educators and students with sound money management modules.
  • Learn About Money and Credit on USA.govExternal Link
  • Lesson plans to teach kids about money and taxesExternal Link


  • Consumer JungleExternal Link - Promoting Consumer Literacy for Young Adults
  • YoungBiz.comExternal Link - A site with articles, profiles, interviews, and letters dealing with young entrepreneurs.


  • USMintExternal Link - Learn how money is made and play a number of different games.