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About the Bureau

The Consumer Finance Bureau is the regulatory and licensing authority for regulated consumer lenders under the Idaho Credit Code. Regulated lenders include consumer finance companies, payday lenders, title lenders, and creditors who take assignments and undertake collection of payments from debtors arising from regulated consumer loans. Provisions of the Idaho Credit Code also apply to retail sellers of goods and services who extend credit to their customers.

The Bureau is committed to providing reasonable regulation of mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, mortgage loan originators, and mortgage service providers operating in Idaho under the Idaho Residential Mortgage Practices Act and the Idaho Mortgage Company Act.

The Bureau is responsible for the licensing and enforcement provisions of the Idaho Collection Agency Act. Collection agencies that engage in collection activities in Idaho are required to obtain a license under, and comply with, the provisions of the Act. Entities that engage in credit counseling, debt counseling, debt settlement, debt buying or credit repair in Idaho are also required to obtain a license and comply with the provisions of the Act.

The Bureau administers and enforces Idaho’s Loan Broker statute that prohibits loan brokers operating in Idaho from receiving any fee, interest, or other charge prior to a loan or extension of credit, or written commitment to loan or extend credit, made by an authorized lender.

Compliance with the above laws is reviewed through examinations of licensees and by investigations of complaints filed with the Consumer Finance Bureau. The goal of the Bureau is to assure the availability and quality of consumer financial services and lawful debt collection practices.