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Insights by IDOF

The Insights podcast communicates Department news and perspectives to aid consumers in making educated financial decisions, and to inform both industry and consumers of regulatory and consumer protection issues.

Episode 8: Buy Now, Pay Later Loans: Considerations for Consumers

In episode eight, Consumer Finance Bureau Chief Erin Van Engelen talks with Tom Nate, Supervisor of the Regulated Lender Program, about Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) loans. The number of consumers utilizing BNPL has steadily increased, and this model continues to expand in the mainstream marketplace. Learn about the key components of BNPL agreements, how they differ from more traditional financing options, and potential benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Episode 7: New Financial Literacy Requirements for Idaho Students

In episode seven, Special guest Superintendent Intendent of Public Instruction Debbie Critchfield joins Consumer Finance Bureau Chief Erin Van Engelen and Securities Bureau Chief John Yaros to talk through the highlights and practical applications of newly adopted legislation requiring financial literacy for Idaho students.

Episode 6: Account Takeover Fraud, an Emerging Financial Cybersecurity Risk

In episode six, Securities Bureau Chief John Yaros sits down with Carole House, former Director of Cybersecurity and Secure Digital Innovation at the White House National Security Council, to dive into the growing threat of Account Takeover Fraud; a type of cybercrime that most commonly occurs as a result of compromised passwords, login credentials for financial accounts, etc. Learn about the evolution and prominence of this threat and how to effectively mitigate your risk through cyber hygiene and account monitoring, and what to do in the event of an account takeover.

Episode 5: Preparing for the Transition to Financial Independence

In episode five, Consumer Finance Bureau Chief Erin Van Engelen and Deputy Director Anthony Polidori discuss the basic financial practices that young adults, and those who support them, can begin implementing to ease the transition to financial independence.

Episode 4: National Consumer Protection Week: Strategies to Spot and Report Fraud and Scams

In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week Consumer Protection Specialists Celia Kinney with the Idaho Department of Finance, and Rachelle Littau with Idaho Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, share essential information to help consumers protect themselves from identity theft, and highlight strategies to recognize and report attempted fraud and scams.

Episode 3: Community Banks in Idaho – What to Know and Why it Matters

The second segment of this two-part series spotlights Idaho community banks. Trent Wright, President of the Idaho Bankers Association sits down with Financial Institutions Bureau Chief Salvador Cruz to discuss the components that set Idaho chartered banks apart from other financial institutions, and how they have continued to adapt to support Idaho entrepreneurs, families, and communities in Idaho.

Episode 2: Community Credit Unions in Idaho – What to Know and Why it Matters

In the first of a two-part series, Financial Institutions Bureau Chief Salvador Cruz interviews Troy Stang, President and CEO of GoWest Credit Union Association, to discuss how Idaho community credit unions have transformed over time, and how “banking locally” can directly benefit Idaho consumers, businesses, and communities.

Episode 1: Idaho Department of WHAT?

In episode one, Consumer Affairs Officer Celia Kinney and Deputy Director Anthony Polidori break down the origin, purpose, and mission of the Idaho Department of Finance.