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Idaho Department of Finance Strategic Planning Stakeholder Survey

As the Idaho Department of Finance reviews and updates its strategic plan for the next five years, we seek to identify those goals which are the most important to achieving the Department’s overall mission. We also hope to identify the challenges and issues that may hinder the Department’s achievement of these goals. Therefore, the Department is seeking input from all of those we believe to be our stakeholders, including our employees, the entities we regulate, the Legislature, our regulatory partners, and the public.

The survey, linked below, seeks your input on the goals the Department has identified as most critical to its overall mission. In completing this survey, we would appreciate any additional comment on what you foresee as possible obstacles to the Department achieving a goal during the next five years, and how the Department can do better. We also ask that you describe any other goal you think the Department should set.

We truly appreciate your time and effort in completing this survey. We would also appreciate your forwarding this survey to others who you believe can provide feedback to the Department on these goals. The online version of this survey may be accessed at the following link:


Patricia R. Perkins