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Who We Regulate - Credit Unions

The Credit Union Section of the Department of Finance is charged with the responsibility of regulating all Idaho state-chartered credit unions and ensuring compliance with the Idaho Credit Union Act. The Department is dedicated to maintaining the public confidence in Idaho state-chartered credit unions and to ensuring Idaho state-chartered credit unions provide safe, sound and reliable financial services to their members.

Cooperation with other agencies

The Department enjoys an excellent working relationship with other state credit union regulators and private insurers. The Department is an active participant in National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS), which actively coordinates with all state credit union regulatory agencies and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) on a variety of issues that affect the credit union industry.

The Department also has a good working relationship with NCUA, the federal agency that regulates federal credit unions and administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Department personnel meet regularly with NCUA staff to discuss regulatory issues of mutual concern and coordinate credit union examinations. Department personnel also attend many NCUA-sponsored schools that offer training on a wide range of credit union supervision and examination topics. The Department also enjoys an excellent relationship with American Share Insurance, a private share insurance company based in Dublin, Ohio, that insures the deposits of several Idaho credit unions.

Regulatory Fees/Regulatory Burden

The Department is strongly committed to providing reasonable regulation without excessive costs to industry. Our regulatory fees remain among the lowest in the nation. Annual assessments charged to credit unions have been discounted from the statutory level since 1987. Over those years, the discount has resulted in significant savings for state-chartered credit unions. The Department does not charge examination fees and most applications are processed for nominal fees, or no fee.


The National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors has established accreditation standards for credit union supervision and regulation. The accreditation process requires a detailed review of all factors needed to have a fully functional regulatory organization. The credit union section was initially accredited in 1990. Every year the accreditation committee requires updated information. A full-scale reaccreditation occurs every five years, and last occurred in 2020. The review included extensive self-analysis of our operations followed by an on-site audit by a team of subject experts. The section passed its reaccreditation with no significant problems or deficiencies.

On-Line Resources:

To obtain additional information on Federally Chartered Credit Unions in Idaho please contact the Regulator of Federal Credit Unions at:

National Credit Union Administration Region V Regional Office
1230 W. Washington Street, Suite 301
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: (602)302-6000