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Complaint Guidance

Consumers are encouraged first to attempt to resolve all complaints directly with the individual or company involved. However, the Department invites written complaints and supporting documentation involving institutions regulated by this office and alleged violations of its laws and rules.

Please note the Department does not regulate all institutions doing business or headquartered in Idaho. Consumers are encouraged to verify the appropriate regulatory agency before filing a complaint. However, if the Department receives a complaint that involves an institution not regulated by this office, it will be referred to the correct agency.

Please read the following information to learn how to file a complaint and what to expect from the complaint process.

When we receive your complaint, we will send you a notice with the file number we assigned to your case. Please provide this number if you contact our office about your complaint. 

The Department will contact the parties named in the complaint. We will ask them to review the matter and provide a written response. We will review the response to determine if it:

  • Complies with Idaho law and rules or directives of the Department
  • Addresses the issues in your complaint and is reasonable in light of approved and accepted business practice.

Resolution of your complaint may take several weeks and possibly months, as we may need to contact you and the company multiple times to ensure we have all relevant information and documents. Thank you for your patience during the complaint process.  

We will provide you with a written statement of our position when our review is complete.  If you have information not included with your original complaint and feel it might alter the decision, you may submit it to us for further review.  Be sure to include your file number.  

REMEMBER: It is essential to understand that the Department will make every effort to help address consumer complaints through informal mediation; however, there is no guarantee that the matter can or will be resolved through the Department’s enforcement authority. In some cases, legal action may be your best or only recourse to resolve a matter.

  • We cannot act as a court of law or as a lawyer on your behalf.
  • We cannot give you legal advice.
  • We cannot become actively involved in complaints that are in litigation.

The Department can only resolve disputes based on the information provided and our authority under Idaho law. If a company is found to be in violation of a law within our jurisdiction, the Department will take the appropriate action within our scope of authority under the law.

  1. Complete our online complaint form. Be sure to include as much detail as possible about your complaint, including the names of the parties involved, the dates of any incidents, etc. Please include any supporting documentation you may have that you feel may assist us in understanding and reviewing the matter.
  2. Submit the form online. Once you submit your complaint, we will review it and determine the next steps.
  3. Complaint forms may also be printed and mailed to the Department at the address on the bottom of the physical form.

Banks/Credit Union: Complaints against federally chartered national banks, savings banks, savings & loan associations, or credit unions are not under the Idaho Department of Finance’s jurisdiction. Determine the Appropriate Regulatory Agency to Contact

You may visit the following websites to determine the appropriate regulatory agency to contact:

  1. Make sure the financial services/product provider is licensed. Do the research necessary to confirm you are dealing with a legitimate provider or servicer licensed to do business in Idaho. Unlicensed entities may use aggressive tactics to get you to provide personal and financial information. Visit the licensee lookup page to confirm the company or individual is licensed with the Department.
  2. Review all your contracts and documents before signing. Ensure you understand your agreement’s terms, including but not limited to interest rates, fees, penalties for late payments or default, arbitration clauses, etc.
  3. Keep records. Keep a record of your communications with your financial service provider, including phone calls, letters, and emails. Retain essential documents such as contracts, agreements, and statements. This documentation can be helpful if you file a complaint or take legal action.
  4. Be proactive. Contact your servicer to discuss any questions, advise of a change in circumstance, or discuss your options if you struggle to make payments. They may be willing to work out a payment plan or other solution.
  5. Visit the Consumer page. Find more tips and resources on specific topics such as mortgage concerns, consumer debt collection rights, identifying and reporting financial frauds and scams, and more at our Consumer Education page.

Disclaimer Regarding Idaho Public Records Law: Your complaint will become a part of the Department’s file concerning the business or person identified and may assist the Department in determining the need for further action in the public interest. Your written complaint may be a public record and, therefore, subject to disclosure under Idaho’s Public Records Law.

To print and mail a physical copy of your complaint to us, please use this provided form. Complaint Form

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