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Bank and Bank Holding Company Applications

Pursuant to the Idaho Bank Act, a written application in a form acceptable to the Director of Finance is required for all bank and bank holding company applications.  Generally, a copy of the application submitted to the appropriate federal agency will be acceptable, although additional information may be required.

Application to Form a Bank (Idaho Code 26-201, et seq.)

FDIC Forms:
Interagency Charter and FDIC Application Form
Interagency Biographical and Financial Report

Application to Form a Bank Holding Company

Federal Reserve Form:
Application to Form a Bank Holding Company

Application to Exercise Trust Powers

FDIC Form:
Application for Consent to Exercise Trust Powers

Application to Convert Charter

Charter Conversion Application

Acquisition/Merger Application

FDIC Form:
Interagency Bank Merger Act Application

Application to Establish or Relocate a Branch (Idaho Code 26-301, et seq.)

Application Form: A written letter application that includes the information specified in Part 303.42 and complies with the public notice requirements in Part 303.44 of the FDIC Rules and Regulations.

An application to establish a branch may also be submitted electronically using the FDICconnect secure website.

Application for Change of Control

Federal Reserve Form:
Interagency Notice of Change in Control – FR 2081a

Miscellaneous Forms

2024 Assessment Fee Calculation Form
Oath of Director Form
Bank Directors and Executive Officers List
Bank Assessment Fee Schedule

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