Financial Innovation Lab

The Idaho Department of Finance’s (IDOF) Financial Innovation Lab seeks to facilitate engagement between the Securities Bureau, industry, policymakers, academia, and the public to share key information, concepts, and research on how digital technology innovations are changing the financial services industry. The goal of the FIL is to bring together the finest minds in the financial technology space to collaborate and strategize on potential best practices and solutions for harnessing innovations, while also educating interested parties and stakeholders.

Emerging Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC)

ETAC is a thought leadership body consisting of a diverse array of finance and technology experts that are working with the Securities Bureau to create, design, and develop dynamic functional frameworks and programs for emerging financial digital technology issues. The goal of ETAC is to craft model frameworks and solutions that will make Idaho a national leader on financial technology matters.

The ETAC serves the Idaho Department of Finance (Department) strictly in an advisory capacity. As such, the views and opinions expressed represent those of the ETAC only.  The Department does not endorse this material and makes no representation regarding the accuracy or completeness of its content.