Department of Finance Settles with Abra to Return Cryptocurrency Assets

Thursday June 27, 2024

The Idaho Department of Finance (the “Department”) joined twenty-four other state financial regulatory agencies in taking collective action against Plutus Financial, Inc., Abra Trading, LLC, Plutus Financial Holdings, Inc., Plutus Lending, LLC (collectively known as “Abra”), and CEO and largest equity owner William “Bill” Barhydt for operating a cryptocurrency company without receiving the required state licensing.

A multistate investigation found that Abra operated a mobile application for buying, selling, trading, and investing in cryptocurrency without obtaining the required licenses. Under the settlement, Abra agreed to cease accepting virtual asset allocations from U.S. Abra Trade Account customers into their products and services and cease making, buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrencies available to U.S. Abra Trade customers as of June 15, 2023. The settlement terms require Abra to refund any remaining virtual assets on its platform for U.S. Abra Trade customers in the settling states.

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