Cease-and-Desist Order Issued Against RONGISTRVAUTOSALES.COM & Associated Parties for Perpetuating a Fake Business Scam

Thursday January 4, 2024

The Idaho Department of Finance (IDOF) is announcing the issuance of a Cease-and-Desist Order against RONGISTRVAUTOSALES.COM; AUTO SALES GROUP, LLC; AAAEQUPLAG, LLC; LARRY GIBBS; DARIUS PETRONIS; and associated parties outlined in the order (collectively referred to as RONGISTRVAUTOSALES.COM) for orchestrating a fake RV online sales business resulting in multiple violations of the Idaho Financial Fraud Prevention Act.


IDOF began an investigation of RONGISTRVAUTOSALES.COM upon receiving a report from an Idaho-chartered financial institution (Idaho FI) about an attempted fraud against one of its account holders. The account holder had been instructed to wire approximately $27,400 to secure the purchase of an RV advertised on Craigslist, originating from RONGISTRVAUTOSALES.COM, a website later to be determined as the online presence of a fake business. Due to prompt action by the Idaho FI, the wire was flagged as suspicious and canceled, resulting in no financial loss to the account holder.


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